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Impact extrusion is one of the many bulk forming operation where in the raw material in the form of a coin (called a slug) is placed in a tool cavity (die) and great force at high speed is imparted on to the raw material.the result is the force in the direction which the tool allows it to flow if there is a clearance between the top tool(punch) and the cavity (die) the material flows in the backward or reverse direction making the process a reverse extrusion or backward extrusion all these happens at ambient temperature.non ferrous metal like aluminium,lead,zinc,copper,(its alloy) etc can be impact extruded.but each material has its own set of properties of flow.for easiest of all the metals for impact extrusion is “Aluminum”and purest form of 99.7% purity is the best suitable for post extrusion operations like neck forming which is done mostly to make aluminum




What are the challenges of specialty cold forming?

The challenges with impact extrusion are how does an engineer, design an impact extrusion process step sequence that achieves the required extrusion shape with the minimum number of process steps.

What are the primary benefits of impact extrusion compared to conventional machining from solid material?

  • Raw material savings of up to 90%
  • Reduced machining times up to 75%
  • Elimination of secondary machining operations
  • Reduction in multi-part assemblies
  • Improved mechanical properties for material strength and machining due to cold working of the material
  • Significantly reduced total part costs up to 50%